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  • Wiki Down (For Now), Merch Section Removed, New Content On The Way

    I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the second year of Alameda Native Art, and the Alameda Native History Project, already. I feel like I’ve been sleeping on this site. Now there’s a whole bunch of stuff to add, and update. ANHP Wiki The ANHP Wiki reached it’s functional limit on Tuesday; when it […]

  • Milliken 2009, “A Time of Little Choice”, Has Just Been Liberated

    Anthropology, Archaeology, and Ethnology have always been competitive fields. In the East Bay, Native American Graves Consulting is a booming, and exclusive business. And, the documented existence of the Ohlone people, who have occupied the East Bay continuously, for thousands of years, hinges upon the information locked away behind paygates; only being referenced by Developers, […]

  • Independent Alameda Native History Project Develops First 3D Shellmound Model

    Local Native American-led Research Project Aims to Educate Public, Advocate for Shellmounds Click here to skip the article and download the Alameda Native History Project Shellmound Model, made by Gabriel Duncan. For the first time ever, an entirely independent research project, led by a Native American descendant, has produced a tangible representation of pre-contact Native […]

  • Fixed the broken theme

    Oops. I switched to a standard theme. Will customize it more later. This just needs to work for now; because I have some things to post.

  • Changed Welcome Page

    New layout. Focus on graphics. Still fleshing out other stuff. And updating when I can. Also, these blog pages have a new layout that I haven’t customized at all yet. Sorry it’s so bright. I think that’s next.

  • Alameda Native History Project Wiki MOVED TO

    Alameda Native History Project Wiki MOVED The new URL is: Https:// This concludes the Service Announcement.

  • Keeping the Design Fresh & Adding Functionality

    Keeping the Design FreshAdding Functionality I’ve been performing some copy editing, graphic art production, and user experience design, to make the website more user-friendly. Also because images can convey information in a way that is not as readily available as print. I try to make sure to optimize for both Desktop and Mobile views. If […]

  • Phase 2: The Search for Undiscovered History

    Phase 2 The Search for Undiscovered History Using technology to rediscover our everyday surroundings. Employing citizen science to crowd source casual and scientific observations. Wading through the tule. Using LIDAR, Photo-grammetry, and Geocode.

  • Series Schedules Announced has several, concurrent, series and galleries being published right now. Here’s a break-down of what you can expect.

  • Menus Fixed

    I updated the menus for the site. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the sitemap looks like right now. HOME RECENT ABOUT ART Graphic Art Photography Nature Urban Reservation Handmade on Etsy Designs on RedBubble ANHP Maps Shellmounds Wiki ARCHIVES Articles East Bay Parks Haunted Alameda Zombie Stay tuned for more updates.