Landback Wildflower Mix

What’s Inside Planting Instructions How To Get the Landback Wildflower Mix A mix of hand-collected Native California Plants chosen for the semi-arid climate of Alameda, and places like it, below 1,000 feet. All of them are full sun; except for the Tomcat Clover, which is happiest with a little soil moisture. Tomcat CloverTrifolium willdenovii Credit:… Continue reading Landback Wildflower Mix

Alameda Shellmound Map

There’s a new map showing the Shellmounds of Alameda. It transposes the historic alameda shoreline onto the modern-day silohuette of the city. The map shows historic wetlands and tidal marshes, and the four Alameda Shellmounds. Map of theShellmounds of Huchiun,~Muwekma Ohlone Territory~Showing the Area Now Known As The“City of Alameda” By: Gabriel Duncan Description of… Continue reading Alameda Shellmound Map

BART Decolonized: Travel the Indigenous Bay

It’s The Bay The Indigenous Bay, that is. Alameda Native History Project has remixed the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) System Map to show: Travel the Indigenous Bay with Native Pride! A small run of prints are available now on our fundraiser page. Get yours before they run out!

Ohlone Curriculum

In 2015, the East Bay Regional Park District published their second edition of the “Ohlone Curriculum with Bay Miwok Content and Introduction to Delta Yokuts”. This was meant to be third-grade curriculum about the indigenous people of the Bay Area, created by (then) District Cultural Services Coordinator, Beverley R. Ortiz. This curriculum came with several… Continue reading Ohlone Curriculum

Alameda Shellmounds Presented in Augmented Reality

Alameda Native History Project releases a new Alameda Shellmound Map Model to show the capability of Augmented Reality, when it comes to virtual classrooms, and independent & remote learning. And to showcase the direction of education, and uses for technology, as we progress further into the 21st Century. This map is appropriate for use in… Continue reading Alameda Shellmounds Presented in Augmented Reality

Independent Alameda Native History Project Develops First 3D Shellmound Model

Local Native American-led Research Project Aims to Educate Public, Advocate for Shellmounds Click here to skip the article and download the Alameda Native History Project Shellmound Model, made by Gabriel Duncan. For the first time ever, an entirely independent research project, led by a Native American descendant, has produced a tangible representation of pre-contact Native… Continue reading Independent Alameda Native History Project Develops First 3D Shellmound Model

Tribal Groups of the San Francisco Bay Region (and How To Pick a Tribal Consultant)

Tribal land claims are complex, and overlapping. This is especially true Today; when seeking out tribes for legally required consultation around Native American Graves and Cultural Resources.

Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo Map

After studying maps, and reading literally thousands–maybe tens of thousands–of pages about the First Peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area; I’ve learned a lot. It took a while to read works from the beginning (1800’s), up to the latest, including Randall Milliken’s work; which goes beyond the 2009, “A Time of Little Choice”. He… Continue reading Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo Map

N.C. Nelson Shellmounds Coastlines: Then vs. Now

This map was really hard to conform using present-day landmarks. Not only has sea-level risen considerably in the past 112 Years; but much of the coast line noted in the Coastal Survey has eroded, or used as fill, to erase much of what was open water along the San Francisco Bay Area Shorelines. This is… Continue reading N.C. Nelson Shellmounds Coastlines: Then vs. Now

Bay Area Tribal Lands + Shellmounds Map

This map shows the Tribal Lands and Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Region. Most maps of this area show “Language Groups”. I think it’s important to specifically mention that Language Groups are not Tribes, and do not accurately reflect the culture or specific Identity of a Tribal Group, or “Triblet”.