Wiki Down (For Now), Merch Section Removed, New Content On The Way

I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the second year of Alameda Native Art, and the Alameda Native History Project, already. I feel like I’ve been sleeping on this site. Now there’s a whole bunch of stuff to add, and update. ANHP Wiki The ANHP Wiki reached it’s functional limit on Tuesday; when it… Continue reading Wiki Down (For Now), Merch Section Removed, New Content On The Way

Menus Fixed

I updated the menus for the site. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the sitemap looks like right now. HOME RECENT ABOUT ART Graphic Art Photography Nature Urban Reservation Handmade on Etsy Designs on RedBubble ANHP Maps Shellmounds Wiki ARCHIVES Articles East Bay Parks Haunted Alameda Zombie Stay tuned for more updates.

Alameda Native History Project: Shellmounds

Aside from this being my first post in this category; this is to announce that I’ve finished working on the Alameda Shellmounds project pages, of the Alameda Native History Project section of this website. Woo! The history of the Alameda Shellmounds, presented with research, and excerpts of historical sources, and some interpretation. The project is… Continue reading Alameda Native History Project: Shellmounds

First Post

There’s always a first post, post. This is it. My first post. I will be using post pages to share: Articles Essays Updates Stories And other things of interest. Re-posting articles from other sources, sharing news from Native America, and around the world. Rants. (That should have been in the list.) Anyway, this website is… Continue reading First Post