Elizabeth Hoover Should Resign

May 1, 2023, Elizabeth Hoover issues a statement admitting that she used her non-existent Mohawk and Mi’kmaq ancestry to get to where she is today… But it was her “experience and expertise” which helped her become a professor–not the fact that she gained said experience an expertise from impersonating an indigenous person. This isn’t the… Continue reading Elizabeth Hoover Should Resign

Ohlone: The First Alamedans, “Were Not a ‘Branch of Miwok Indians'”

When “The Spanish” came to the San Francisco Bay Area, they called all of the people who lived here “Costanoans”; and promptly killed, and corralled them into the California Missions; then began to colonize the land by bringing cows, catfish, eucalyptus, and other foreign plants and animals. The primary language for the Mission San Jose… Continue reading Ohlone: The First Alamedans, “Were Not a ‘Branch of Miwok Indians’”