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  • Zombie: The Incident at Bloody Rock – Two

    Two When I walked in, the lobby was empty, the lights were on low.  It was a lot warmer than outside, almost uncomfortable.  Some of the lights were on in the banquet hall.  It didn’t look like they had finished cleaning.  In the center of a room, there was a lone chair, overturned.  I walked […]

  • Zombie: The Incident at Bloody Rock – One

    One As I was setting the tents up and dad was wrestling with equipment, I looked around.  The place was quiet.  Peaceful.  People were milling around, talking with each other.  All of them were smiling.  As I panned the place, a few people nodded at me and I felt obliged to nod back, ever so […]

  • Zombie: The Incident At Bloody Rock – Forewords

    This is a story about the cure for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus; coupled with a mysterious enzymatic (bioenhancer) package, which became the catalyst for a zombie apocalypse. It’s got all the trappings of legit psuedo-science; plus some dark-corporate-money influence!