Alameda Shellmound Map

There’s a new map showing the Shellmounds of Alameda. It transposes the historic alameda shoreline onto the modern-day silohuette of the city. The map shows historic wetlands and tidal marshes, and the four Alameda Shellmounds. Map of theShellmounds of Huchiun,~Muwekma Ohlone Territory~Showing the Area Now Known As The“City of Alameda” By: Gabriel Duncan Description of… Continue reading Alameda Shellmound Map

The Alameda Shellmounds Map: The First Alamedans

Created using derivatives of open-source data, including (but not limited to) USGS, NOAA, USCG, NASA, Google Earth. Analyzed, processed, and produced by the Alameda Native History Project, using open-source software available to anyone with a smart phone, and the most basic computer. Why did the Alameda Native History Project create these maps? Necessity The first… Continue reading The Alameda Shellmounds Map: The First Alamedans

Bay Area Shellmound Map

Alameda Native History Project’s map of the Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Area is available now. This map is based on N.C. Nelson’s “Map of the San Francisco Bay Region Showing Distribution of Shellheaps”, which was published in 1909. This map, represents the first-hand observations of shellmounds during N.C. Nelson’s survey of the San… Continue reading Bay Area Shellmound Map