BART Decolonized: Travel the Indigenous Bay

It’s The Bay The Indigenous Bay, that is. Alameda Native History Project has remixed the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) System Map to show: Travel the Indigenous Bay with Native Pride! A small run of prints are available now on our fundraiser page. Get yours before they run out!

N.C. Nelson Shellmounds Coastlines: Then vs. Now

This map was really hard to conform using present-day landmarks. Not only has sea-level risen considerably in the past 112 Years; but much of the coast line noted in the Coastal Survey has eroded, or used as fill, to erase much of what was open water along the San Francisco Bay Area Shorelines. This is… Continue reading N.C. Nelson Shellmounds Coastlines: Then vs. Now

Bay Area Tribal Lands + Shellmounds Map

This map shows the Tribal Lands and Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Region. Most maps of this area show “Language Groups”. I think it’s important to specifically mention that Language Groups are not Tribes, and do not accurately reflect the culture or specific Identity of a Tribal Group, or “Triblet”.