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  • The Alameda Shellmound Maps

    Created using derivatives of open-source data, including (but not limited to) USGS, NOAA, USCG, NASA, Google Earth. Analyzed, processed, and produced by the Alameda Native History Project, using open-source software available to anyone with a smart phone, and the most basic computer. Why did the Alameda Native History Project create these maps? Necessity The first […]

  • Wiki Down (For Now), Merch Section Removed, New Content On The Way

    I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the second year of Alameda Native Art, and the Alameda Native History Project, already. I feel like I’ve been sleeping on this site. Now there’s a whole bunch of stuff to add, and update. ANHP Wiki The ANHP Wiki reached it’s functional limit on Tuesday; when it […]

  • Last week, on ANHP….

    A new video was introduced. New plats were made.

  • A Brief History of the Alameda Native History Project

    Phase 1: “Unauthorized Alameda: The Indian Burial Mounds”; The true story of what actually happened to the Mound off High Street, in Alameda, California. Includes Haunted Alameda: A collection of ghost stories about living on and around the Alameda Shellmounds. Phase 1 Mission: Find the true history of the Alameda Shellmounds. Objectives: Find out where […]

  • Alameda Native History Project Wiki MOVED TO https://alamedanativeart.com/wiki

    Alameda Native History Project Wiki MOVED The new URL is: Https://alamedanativeart.com/wiki This concludes the AlamedaNativeArt.com Service Announcement.

  • Keeping the Design Fresh & Adding Functionality

    Keeping the Design FreshAdding Functionality I’ve been performing some copy editing, graphic art production, and user experience design, to make the website more user-friendly. Also because images can convey information in a way that is not as readily available as print. I try to make sure to optimize for both Desktop and Mobile views. If […]