Stop fighting with each other; unite and fight colonization!

Instead of only focusing on that one site; why not focus on the numerous shellmounds which still absolutely exist today?

Many of them are on quiet land, which would be suitable for the multi-day ceremonies, that you, and I, and the rest of us stuck here in the colonized world desperately want.

But what we don’t want is any group of people who can’t even stand together without stabbing each other in the back, trying to boss us around about our traditional ceremonies and beliefs, which we are also forced to practice in the exact same colonized spaces.

Certain areas must be intertribal. You don’t own the monopoly on being “Native American from the Bay Area.” That’s not why Intertribal Friendship Houses exist. We have to share our medicine now, to make a complete ceremony, because these shellmounds are all over the San Francisco Bay Region. Not confined to the area known to any one tribe or group of people.

Gate-keeping, and elitism must end.


This article below is a somewhat procedural overview of the Emeryville Shellmound. I like it. It’s very good for introducing the reader to the whole history in a more neutral (“procedural”) way.

“Emeryville’s Burried [sic] Shellmounds: The Emeryville Shellmound” by Ben Feldman.