Stop fighting with each other; unite and fight colonization!

If your strategy is keep the land in perpetuity, why do you wait to protest until the 11th hour?

Why aren’t you interested in protecting all of the shellmounds from being desecrated, before they are desecrated?

There was a 6-7 year planning period for the Glen Cove Waterfront (where a Sierra Miwok / Patwin shellmound is [it’s on the border, and was probably intertribal to begin with.]) This planning process included the actual tribe whose land Glen Cove is on. A tribe which was initially involved in protests to gain attention, representation, and awareness; but stepped back because they did not want to be involved in a larger battle based on scorched earth, conflict-oriented politics.

I believe that it is possible to negotiate for easements. But we all need to be super fucking cool, about a lot of stuff, to just sit down at the table.

The way we’ve been doing it has gotten attention, and notice. So it’s no longer necessary to yell.

Gabriel Duncan, being meta in this article.

There are lots of people who actually are willing to listen, and do what they can, to help us.

And I honestly believe that we can meet the people who live here, today, and come to an understanding. Form a co-existence. We have so much to offer each other. And it’s really important right now, that we all work together to save this whole fucking planet; and help find and reconnect all our missing family.

This also means finding, visiting these mounds, and praying for their spirits, praying for forgiveness, praying for our futures, and offering them–our ancestors, and the [word for the ephemeral everything/the sum of all], something to tide them over, to satiate them, to help us and give us guidance.

We have been shut out and shut off from the power of the earth, and the power of our true traditions, performed on our ancestral soil for so long that we have almost forgotten what that looks like. In many cases, we only know from what someone else told us about ourselves.

Even more, from that mysterious feeling we get sometimes when an animal comes over and looks it us like it recognizes us. But we don’t recognize them, anymore. We are going to have to pray for remembering. This is what I meant by “Remember the Ghost Dance”.

It’s possible to do this. But it does require navigating the colonized world. And it also means being realistic about where, and how to spend our energy.