Stop fighting with each other; unite and fight colonization!

There has been some objection to what I’m doing.

Because some people think I am trying to “expose” something I shouldn’t. That my actions will directly result in the further desecration and harm to heritage sites in the San Francisco Bay Region. But I have a completely different take, altogether. And I believe that this information will actually help protect the shellmounds, if it’s put in the right context.

We must ask the hard questions.

How can you possibly protect something by not telling anyone where it is?

Don’t you think you should tell people they own land that has a mound, so they don’t go digging into it? Wouldn’t that actually help to prevent desecration or destruction? Can’t we just tell a Parks Department that they have a shellmound, and ask them to help protect it?

You’re worried that the mounds will be desecrated. But I have documented instances of cemetery looting and desecration all over the bay area.

And Cemetery Looting, and Grave Robbing is sort of a thing for white people. No, seriously: Mummies are a really good example. In Egypt, and Peru. The Smithsonian has a whole collection of human skulls. There are bones on display all over the world in museums; and they account for thousands upon thousands of unrested souls.

But it’s not the 1800’s anymore. Native Americans aren’t “going extinct”. This stuff isn’t even interesting in that way anymore. There isn’t a rush to dissect and collect everything like there was during the California Genocide. We survived.

And so have the shellmounds. They’re not all lost. A whole bunch are still here; hiding in plain sight. So now it’s time to try and reconnect….