Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo Map

After studying maps, and reading literally thousands–maybe tens of thousands–of pages about the First Peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area; I’ve learned a lot.

It took a while to read works from the beginning (1800’s), up to the latest, including Randall Milliken’s work; which goes beyond the 2009, “A Time of Little Choice”.

He also did work on the Graton Rancheria; and the Confederated Coastal Miwok and Southern Pomo tribes.

But I found Milliken’s “Ethnohistory and Ethnography of the Coast Miwok and Their Neighbors, 1783-1840” on Marin Miwok‘s website. That document has a map of “Coast Miwok and Pomo Communities withing the Zone of Franciscan Mission Disruption, their Probable Locations and Possible Boundaries”. Very handy. I immediately printed it out and used it to figure out where Indian Beach is in all of this.

By Gabriel Duncan

Recognized descendant of the Utu Utu Gwaitu Benton Hot Springs Paiute Tribe. Adopted out of his tribe at birth, raised by white people in Alameda, California. Gabriel is the chief researcher, webmaster, graphic designer, cartographer, etc. of Alameda Native Art, and the Alameda Native History Project.