Bay Area Tribal Lands + Shellmounds Map

This map shows the Tribal Lands and Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Region.

Bay Area Tribal Lands & Shellmounds; created by Gabriel Duncan, based on Nelson(1909) Shellmounds Maps; Base map is “Watercolor” by Stamen Designs.

Most maps of this area show “Language Groups”. I think it’s important to specifically mention that Language Groups are not Tribes, and do not accurately reflect the culture or specific Identity of a Tribal Group, or “Triblet”.

By Gabriel Duncan

Recognized descendant of the Utu Utu Gwaitu Benton Hot Springs Paiute Tribe. Adopted out of his tribe at birth, raised by white people in Alameda, California. Gabriel is the chief researcher, webmaster, graphic designer, cartographer, etc. of Alameda Native Art, and the Alameda Native History Project.