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Phase 2: The Search for Undiscovered History
Phase 2 The Search for Undiscovered History Using technology to rediscover our everyday surroundings. Employing citizen science to crowd source casual and scientific observations. Wading through the tule. Using LIDAR, Photo-grammetry, and Geocode. Series Schedules Announced has several, concurrent, series and galleries being published right now. Here’s a break-down of what you can expect.
Menus Fixed
I updated the menus for the site. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the sitemap looks like right now. HOME RECENT ABOUT ART Graphic ArtPhotographyNatureUrban ReservationHandmade on EtsyDesigns on RedBubble ANHP MapsShellmoundsWiki ARCHIVES ArticlesEast Bay ParksHaunted AlamedaZombie Stay tuned for more updates.
Growing Up on the Alameda Indian Burial Mounds
Growing up on Court Street, in Alameda, I found a large bone. It looked like a vertebrae. It was laying in the dirt, underneath the deck, in the backyard.
San Francisco to get brand new Native American Cultural District called “The Village”!
Check out the article on Curbed SF to find out more. is LIVE!
YES!! I finally finished working on most of this site. I think there might be a couple of buttons that don’t point to anything. (Please let me know when you find them.) But the main, navigational things, all connect. Victory! And this is running on a content-delivery network, so it should be reasonably fast. Some […]




The mission of the Alameda Native History Project is to decolonize history by presenting historically accurate information about the First Alamedans, and the Shellmounds of Alameda, without the use of paywalls, advertising, or compromising editorial control of what is a Native American led and created project.


  1. Present accurate, unambiguous information about the Native History of Alameda.
  2. Combat the misinformation, and omissions, of the white-washed narrative presented by Alameda’s historians.
  3. Hold public institutions accountable for their role in the continued erasure and marginalization of the First Alamedans; specifically, the City of Alameda, and the Alameda Museum.


To elevate the discussion of Native American history and life in (what’s known as) the City of Alameda, beyond the basic Western Colonial Fairytale of white people finding a lush, abandoned paradise, ripe for the taking–and asking, “Where did they all go?” [In spite of the fact such events as the “Indian Wars”, and “Trail of Tears”, were happening at the same time.]

To illuminate the fact that there were over 425 shellmounds in the San Francisco Bay Area; and at least 4 of those mounds existed in Alameda, and Bay Farm.

To achieve recognition for the shellmounds by the installation of monuments, memorials, and public art, where members of the public, can come and learn about the First Alamedans, and the importance, and sanctimony, of shellmounds.

To embolden the City of Alameda to apologize for the destruction of the Alameda Shellmounds, and take actions to ensure the survival and prosperity of Ohlone People, the repatriation of their ancestors and artifacts, and recompense for damage by atrocities committed in the City of Alameda’s name; and to recognize the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area as the true and sovereign Tribal Nation, and First Peoples, of what is now known as the City of Alameda.

To uplift the voices, prayers and efforts of other impacted, and marginalized communities; to stand up in solidarity with them, to value their lives, freedom, and self-determination, above profit and self-interest.

Alameda Shellmounds Map

The first, and original, Alameda Shellmound Map, by Gabriel Duncan. This map aggregates the pre-existing work by N.C. Nelson (on the Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Region); and Alameda’s own Imelda Merlin (from “Alameda: A Geological History”); and expounds on them, by tying in historical newspaper articles, and City of Alameda records, to create the most detailed, and complete picture of the Alameda Shellmounds to date.

Map of the Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Area

The larger sequel to the Alameda Shellmounds Map. This map was hand-plotted using a specially reprojected version of the N.C. Nelson map showing the distribution of shellmounds in the San Francisco Bay Region. While not all points are completely plotted, this interactive map helps to illustrate the density and prevalence of shellmounds in the Bay Area; and illuminate the concept of “Native Land” in a way which is more immediate, and tangible to contemporary learners.

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