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Alameda Is Not Becoming a ‘Food Desert’, You’re Just More Privileged Than You Think
During the most recent Alameda City Council Meeting, the very real possibility of Safeway closing on Bay Farm Island was brought up as something which would leave Bay Farm without any means or hope for getting fresh produce, and other nutritious foods. The term “food desert” was used, as well as a definition. The US […]
Forms of Recognition: Alameda’s Anti-Asian History
Recognition and Acknowledgment can only do so much; we know. But it’s the start of a larger truth and reconciliation process that America needs to engage in. This may be a project that focuses on Native American “stuff”, but… Native American History isn’t the only American History that has been ignored by Alameda’s Colonial Historians. […]
Sogorea Te: Unaccredited Land Trust Facing California Tax Liens
This might seem like a repeat of the circumstances which led to the hostile take-over of the Confederated Villages of the Lisjan, INC.: A well-known non-profit organization with dubious claims of tribal sovereignty, and a lack of transparency which was suspended as a corporation by the California Franchise Tax Board for failure to pay taxes […]
Mutual Aid at Wood Street Village: Observe & Report
I read some stuff about what was happening at Wood Street Village, and I wanted to see for myself if it was true. There was an open call for mutual aid, for observers. Reports indicated that removal crews were coming very early in the morning, in an attempt to tow vehicles people were living in, […]
Alameda Native History Project visits the Martinez Historical Society, Brings American Indigenous History to Life for 40 Day-Campers
It was only supposed to be a visit. But I could not refuse the opportunity to stay, and answer questions about Native American stuff and History from a bunch of school children. The lecturing part is kind of difficult, but Q & A is lit. The Alameda Native History Project supports alternative forms & modes […]
Alameda Recreation and Parks Department to ‘Pause’ Collaboration with Sogorea Te Land Trust
On Monday, Amy Wooldridge (Director of Alameda Parks & Recreation Department) replied to our open letter concerning the possibility of Sogorea Te Land Trust being given a portion of Linear Park, in Alameda–at the corner of Main Street and Singleton Avenue. In our preliminary email, asking whether or not this was true, Wooldridge told us: […]