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We’ve found a pattern of reckless and careless treatment of 100% of those stolen artifacts. The Alameda Museum has roughly 186 Native American Artifacts. All of those artifacts were found in connection with Native American Graves, except for 2. So, we can’t say ALL of the artifacts are grave goods. But we can say: 99.93%… Continue reading 99% of Alameda Museum’s Ohlone Artifacts Were Stolen from Native American Graves
Should the City renew the agreement? On Monday, September 4, 2023, the City of Alameda’s five-year agreement with the Alameda Museum to provide archival storage expired. According to the agreement, the Alameda Museum, as an Independent Contractor, would provide the following: The agreement made it clear the Alameda Museum is a Service Provider; and not… Continue reading Alameda Museum Contract Expires
May 1, 2023, Elizabeth Hoover issues a statement admitting that she used her non-existent Mohawk and Mi’kmaq ancestry to get to where she is today… But it was her “experience and expertise” which helped her become a professor–not the fact that she gained said experience an expertise from impersonating an indigenous person. This isn’t the… Continue reading Elizabeth Hoover Should Resign
What’s InsidePlanting InstructionsHow To Get the Landback Wildflower Mix A mix of hand-collected Native California Plants chosen for the semi-arid climate of Alameda, and places like it, below 1,000 feet. All of them are full sun; except for the Tomcat Clover, which is happiest with a little soil moisture. Tomcat CloverTrifolium willdenovii Credit: Jennifer McNew,… Continue reading Landback Wildflower Mix
Someone recently responded to the article “Who are the Lisjan Ohlone? What does Chochenyo mean?” with some questions of their own. What about the East Bay Ohlone of Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda? [The] Muwekma are not the only Lisjan in the area. B. Richman I publicly responded: [B.] Richman this article seeks to educate people like… Continue reading What about the East Bay Ohlone of Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda?

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