• To present the Indigenous History of the place we now call the “City of Alameda” with accuracy and respect to Ohlone People.
  • To make space for Ohlone people in their own traditional homeland.
  • To recognize and acknowledge the sovereignty of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area, and their 10,000 year history of continuous habitation of the place we call the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • To update and reimagine the visual aids, diagrams, and infographs from studies and publications near the turn of the 20th century into newer, more nuanced, accurate and relevant material that can be referenced in today’s classrooms, museums, and parks.
  • To provide local institutions the materials, research, and information necessary to update their exhibits.
  • To create impactful graphic designs to educate, inform, and advocate for indigenous issues, as well as other social justice & environmental causes and movements, and some nonpartisan campaigns in solidarity, and to provide material support.


  • Accurate and meaningful representation of Ohlone people in Alameda (beyond land acknowledgment–which is not representation.)
  • Awareness that:
  • Ohlone people are still alive;
  • The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe is composed of the descendants of the survivors of Missions San Jose, Santa Clara, and Delores, and descendants of the Verona Band of Alameda County, a Federally Recognized Tribe;
  • Muwekma’s struggle for Federal Recognition and Land Back.
  • Public awareness of shellmounds, and the grisly uses of the Alameda (and San Francisco Bay Area) Shellmounds.
  • Foster relationship between local government and tribal government.
  • Protect and preserve shellmounds and sacred sites, establish historical districts, and more, in partnership with local land owners, businesses, agencies and government.

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Gabriel Duncan

Recognized Descendant of the Utu Utu Gwaitu Benton Hot Springs Paiute Tribe. Adopted at birth, and raised in Alameda, California.